Areas of the Body Cool Lipo Treats

Cool lipo or laser assisted lipolysis is a plastic surgery procedure that will reduce your fat and give you a tighter skin. Unlike traditional liposuction, cool lipo cannot treat all areas of the body. You need to have realistic targets before getting the procedure done; talk to your plastic surgeon about your options.

The cool lipo fat removal procedure can treat portions of the body where there are small deposits of fat. These areas include the face, neck or chin, or other areas that are exercise resistant and are difficult to handle with traditional liposuction. These areas include

  • Stomach area, particularly lower stomach
  • Knee
  • Arms
  • Ankles

The cool lipo is a non invasive treatment that will cause minimal bruising and swelling. The procedure will disrupt the fat cells and a circular tiny tube will remove these fat cells.

The laser will also affect the collagen of your skin, resulting in a tighter, younger looking skin.

Cool lipo is not recommended for overweight people that need a full body liposuction; the procedure can work well for thin people with a problem areas.

The procedure is an outpatient surgery and will be performed under local anesthesia.

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