Conditions that Vaser Liposelection Treats

Vaser Liposelection is a cutting edge procedure which helps patients remove excess fat deposits from their bodies. Unlike traditional liposuction, Vaser Liposelection works by using ultrasonic waves to break up and emulsify the fat in the body before removing it. This allows the doctor the chance to remove as much fat as necessary without damaging any of the surrounding structures in the body, as liposuction can. Gentler and more effective, Vaser Liposelection can help treat a number of conditions in the body.

Cellulite Deposits

The most common condition that Vaser Liposelection helps to treat is the appearance of cellulite on the body. By being able to suck excess fat cells from various parts of the body and from under the skin, Vaser Liposelection allows the patient to see smoother skin, even if they have a genetic predisposition to cellulite. The treatment will remove the excessive fat cells permanently. However, if a patient continues to gain weight after the surgery, the cellulite can come back and require further treatments.

Problems with Gaining Definition

Since Vaser Liposelection is more controllable, some patients who have troubles gaining muscle definition can use the procedure to help them sculpt their body the way they want it sculpted. By using the cannula in certain places, the body can look like it has more defined abdominal muscles, for example, or pectoral muscles. Though this is not necessarily a medical condition, those who spend hours at the gym only to see limited results due to their genetics find that Vaser Liposelection helps them look as fit as they are.

Fatty Deposits

Some people are predisposed to small fatty deposits on their body, for no apparent reason. In these cases, Vaser Liposelection can help to break up these deposits and remove them from the body. While the fatty tissue may return due to some process in the body, removing these deposits can bring about pain relief as well as cosmetic benefits to the patient. Some fatty deposits can be located in uncomfortable areas, causing pressure on the skin and its surrounding areas. With Vaser Liposelection, these inconveniences can be removed.

Weight Loss Remnants

For some patients, even though they have lost a lot of weight, they may still have troubles shaping and resculpting certain parts of their body. As a result, the patient may want to look into Vaser Liposelection to help them with uncomfortable and disproportional fatty deposits. In doing so, this can allow the patient the ability to fit into normal sized clothing, as well as to look as good as they feel after their recent weight loss. This can help a patient be more active in their life.

Most doctors only use Vaser Liposelection to treat cosmetic issues, as fatty tissues are generally formed because of lifestyle issues, not because of medical conditions. It should be noted that Vaser Liposelection is not intended to help someone lose weight. This procedure is simply to help remove stubborn fat and may not shrink one's size or shape significantly. Only diet and exercise can achieve those results.

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