Similar Treatments and Alternatives for ProLipo

ProLipo is a treatment that may be used for slimming and body contouring purposes. There are several similar procedures that may be used in combination with or instead of the ProLipo treatment.

Slim Lipo

Slim Lipo is a laser assisted surgery that will liquefy the fat and remove it. ProLipo is also a laser assisted treatment, but it also employs a tumescent anesthetic that is not used during Slim Lipo; this anesthetic may reduce bleeding and cause fewer complications and side effects.

In some cases of ProLipo, the fat won’t be suctioned; it will be eliminated naturally. Another difference between Slim Lipo and ProLipo is the wavelength used; ProLipo uses a combination of 1064 nm and 1320 nm wavelengths, while Slim Lipo uses a 920 nm laser. In this respect, Slim Lipo is more effective than ProLipo, as the higher the laser frequency, the more fat it will liquefy. The side effects (bruising or skin damage) will also be reduced, as the suctioning phase will be smoother.

Smart Lipo

Smart Lipo is very similar to Slim Lipo; the fat is emulsified by lasers and then the fat will be extracted. The main difference between these 2 procedures is the laser’s wavelength. The laser wavelength is 1064 nm for Smart Lipo and 920 nm for Slim Lipo.

Cool Lipo

Cool Lipo is also a laser assisted procedure and is performed on the same principles as Slim Lipo, Smart Lipo and ProLipo; however, the laser wavelength will be different. Cool Lipo employs 1320 nm, so it is less effective than Slim Lipo or Smart Lipo.

Zerona Laser Liposuction

Zerona Laser Liposuction is similar to Slim Lipo or Smart Lipo, as it is a laser assisted procedure. However, the Zerona procedure will not require incisions to remove the fat, as the fat will be eliminated by the body. Zerona is similar to ProLipo in this respect, but in the case of ProLipo, the lasers are administered under the skin, while during the Zerona procedure, the lasers are administered on the surface of the skin.

Zerona may require several sessions to complete a full treatment and to get optimal slimming results. Also, the Zerona Laser Liposuction will not have the skin tightening effect as ProLipo, Slim Lipo and Smart Lipo.

Vaser Liposelection

Vaser Liposelection removes fat by injecting a saline solution that should liquefy and dislodge the adipose cells. The liquid fat will be extracted with a cannula. The procedure employs ultrasounds also.

Body Jet Liposuction

Body Jet Liposuction employs a similar technique to the Vaser Liposelection, as the Body Jet procedure will also use liquids during the surgery; however, Body Jet is not ultrasound assisted.

Traditional Liposuction

Even if traditional liposuction is no longer a popular choice, due to the many new procedures available, traditional liposuction may be performed. None of the above mentioned procedures may be used to remove more than a few liters of fat at one time. Traditional liposuction may remove greater amounts of fat, but it will also require a longer recovery period.

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