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Laser cellulite treatment has focused on safe light energy used against fat cell deposits causing dimpling and skin surface irregularity.

90% of women display their youth by their ideal female body shape. This many times turns into a dough-boy, pear shaped body with thigh and butt cellulite dimpling. The smooth taut skin of youth loses elasticity changes.

State of art laser cellulite removal involves concentrating light-energy below the skin, where fat deposits are built-up. The laser technology is sophisticated, however the key point is that it is pain free, and side effect free - the procedure zeros in on cellulite fat cells on your thigh or butt regions.

With the laser addressing the underlying causes of cellulite - which can any one of a few things; local obstruction or damaged cellular membranes, abnormal body fat cell enlargement, or poor blood supply and waste removal.

The treatment will have your skin remaining cool, and there will be a feeling of warmth below the skin. The gentle massaging encourages the movement of the cellulite cell membrane. This motion will help in getting rid of the dimpling of the area. Many times you will have to undergo over 10 treatments in a specific region to see the desired results. This will probably occur over a 3-4 month period. The benefit of this procedure is that you will not have to change your normal day to day life. There is no downtime, nor dietary restriction to hinder your life.

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