Detox Your Skin for a Refreshed Glow

Did you know that you can detoxify your skin? There are detox regimens for your body with special diets and supplements, and thanks to advances in skin care and celebrity endorsements, skin detox has become another popular way to remove toxins — in this case, from your skin. Here we explore how skin detox is different from other detox methods on the market, and how it can help the appearance of your skin.

What is Skin Detox?

In a nutshell, skin detox is a process by which you remove impurities from your skin, and from your body through your skin. Some procedures are marketed toward overall health while others are marketed specifically toward improving acne or the overall quality of your skin. Some skin detox procedures are also advertised as weight loss cures.

A skin detox could involve consuming cleansing foods and beverages, like ginger, nettle tea, and cranberries, while avoiding toxic items like tobacco, alcohol, and chocolate. Other skin detox treatments involve applying products directly to your skin in an effort to draw the toxins out of your pores (including blackheads, pimples and other impurities). These products could include essential oils, clay masks, and herbal wraps. You could also use a combination of procedures to enhance the skin detoxification process, like getting a seaweed wrap while sitting in a steam room drinking nettle tea.

How is Skin Detox Different or Better?

Here’s where things get tricky because in order to determine how successful a detox is, you first need to determine what toxins the procedure is supposed to remove. The truth is that many procedures do not specify what toxins they address, and much of the literature uses vague terminology. They may say that they 'remove impurities' or that they 'clarify the skin vs. the system.'

There have been several studies that show that detoxes are not all they are cracked up to be. First, the human body does an amazing job of detoxing itself without any additional assistance. We excrete toxins on a daily basis through our skin in the form of sweat, as well as from our lungs, kidneys, and bowels.

Additionally, there are very few products that can penetrate the skin deeply enough to detox your body. This is actually a good thing since our skin is our first line of protection against bacteria and other pathogens.

How will a skin detox be beneficial?

Even if a skin detox promises to also detox your body, it is probably primarily beneficial as a purifying treatment for your skin. Some of the benefits a skin detox can have for your skin include:

  • Exfoliating detox products can remove dead cells, leaving your skin softer and smoother

  • Products that contain antioxidants can encourage collagen growth

  • Detox products sometimes contain fruit acids, which help diminish the appearance of wrinkles

  • Steam baths and mud baths can open pores and moisturize the skin

While a skin detox probably won't purify your kidneys, it can give your skin a fresh look and leave you feeling and looking much better.

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