The Role of Skin Care in the Presidential Election

When it comes to voting for the president, decisions should be made based on policies and performance. However, this is no idealistic world and we judge our politicians based on the same traits that we judge everyone else. Policies and performance are just pieces of a package deal. We also care about their eloquence and their appearance. In some elections, this isn't as big of a deal as it is in others. However, it's a matter of importance in the upcoming election as a result of the fact that Hillary Clinton is a serious contender for president. Where there are women, there are concerns about appearance. Just take a look at this recent article for more information about how Hillary's appearance has been picked apart by ogling eyes. (Sneak peek: some say she needs Botox.) One of the main issues of concern over Hillary is whether or not she looks "too old". Although we expect our politicians to be of a certain age, we don't necessarily want them to look like they're headed to the nursing home. Think it's only a problem for the gals? Think back to JFK and you might think again. Although it doesn't always hold true, we're a country that wants our president to look like he (or she) can play the part. Skin care rejuvenation can play a terrific role in boosting the appearance of any professional, including the president. When you take care to improve the appearance of your skin, you help yourself to look younger and healthier. It simply looks like you care about taking care of yourself. A president who can't take care of himself (or herself) doesn't exude the confident sentiment that he (or she) can take care of the country. Question of the Day: Are Hillary's looks important to you? photo link
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