Women Need Less Botox Than Men Need

It's starting to become fairly common knowledge that women are not the only ones that get Botox. Men are using Botox to improve their appearance in order to be able to move up in their professional careers, whether they're celebrities or just businessmen. But did you know that men are getting more Botox than women? The number of women who get Botox treatments probably still outnumbers the number of men that do. But the actual amount of Botox that a man gets at any given procedure is greater than the amount that a woman gets for the same treatment. Or at least it should be if the treatments are being done by a qualified doctor. A recent review of the issue published in the medical journal Dermatologic Therapy discussed the fact that men typically need more Botox than women. It reasons that the cause is because of the greater amount of muscle mass than the average man has in his face in comparison to that of the average woman. Moreover, it suggests that when Botox doesn't work for men, it could be because the doctor is failing to take this into consideration. Question of the Day: Would you consider asking your doctor about the amount of Botox necessary for a treatment or would you rely on the doctor's use of a standard amount? photo link
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