You don't have to love it to do it

Love it or hate it Botox is booming, everyone is doing it. Just recently former Friend star Courtney Cox came out and denounced her disdain towards getting pricks in her face every few months. However, just like many other aging women, Cox still books an appointment at her dermatologist's office for yet another injection. Cox told celebrity juice magazine US,
"Botox? I think it's fantastic and also horrible!"
We may hate the concept of numbing and paralyzing our nerves and muscles, but we still have an addiction to the youthful results. In an anti-aging and youth obsessed society like our own, it's no wonder that women swoon at their revitalized look every time they catch a glimpse of themselves in a mirror. As beautiful as the aging process may be according to Cox, getting an injection every now and then proves beneficial to her look on the camera. If you are one of the many people flocking to dermatologist's office to ease your youthful cravings, then go to to find a physician in your area. Photolink
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