The Beautiful and the Botoxed

Nicole Kidman has been making headlines in recent weeks with the debut of her Blockbuster Australia, but the Aussie star is also getting heat from the press and paparazzi about her looks. She has denied rumors of Botox, but entertainment gossip junkies like Perez Hilton, US Magazine and OK have all had speculations that the beauty queen is getting Botox injections into her forehead. Today even a British tabloid magazine called Kidman bored and filled with Botox. Many of Hollywood's leading ladies have experienced such scrutiny from the entertainment press, most notably Meg Ryan, Meryl Streep and Diane Lane. Frankly, so what if these dashing stars want a prick here and there? As long as it is not affecting their acting skills and facial expressions, such scrutiny is unnecessary. However, my only point is that if the aforementioned women or any others do get facial fillers or Botox, they should openly discuss and admit it like Sharon Osborne and Lisa Rinna. After all these women are the role models for millions of people worldwide. Photolink
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