Skin Creams: What Works and What Doesn't?

People who go to cosmetic doctors frequently get lured in to the use of creams that claim they can do what the doctors are doing. Common creams include those intended to remove fat and get rid of wrinkles. In most cases, the people who try these creams find after a short period of time that they need to go back to their doctors to see real effects. However, it is possible to use some creams and gels, usually in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures, in order to improve your appearance. An article over at recently took a look at multiple products and gave some insightful information into which products do and don't work. The purpose of the products reviewed in the article included getting rid of stretch marks, offering the appearance of a flat stomach and reducing the wrinkles around cleavage that can reveal a woman's true age. The products discussed in the article were all on the pricey side but they did create some success for the individual who used them. Your best bet is to work with your doctor to choose creams and gels that will supplement the cosmetic procedures that you are getting done. This can reduce the need to see your doctor on a frequent basis and enhance your appearance over time. Question of the Day: Which creams have worked for you and which have not? photo link
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