Why We Care About Celebrity Skin Care

One of the most common topics of discussion when it comes to celebrities is the topic of their skin care. It ranks right up there with talks about their sex lives and rumors about their criminal misdeeds. But why is it that we're so interested in celebrity skin care? Part of the reason is that Hollywood makes it look as though the faces and skin of celebrities are flawless. We want to know what their secrets are so that we can obtain that flawless skin for ourselves. And we want to gossip about the pictures that reveal their flaws so that we can feel better about our own imperfect skin. However, we also talk about celebrity skin care because we're interested in getting information about the latest new skin care techniques out there. Celebrities are the first ones to engage in procedures ranging from Botox to laser hair removal. We learn from the choices that they make to get these procedures done. Question of the Day: What causes the greatest interest in celebrity skin care? photo link
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