Women Today vs. Women in the Depression

Many cosmetic surgery articles have discussed the fact that the economy is tightening up and that this has led to changes in the choices that people are making about getting plastic surgery. A shift has occurred in which many people are choosing to get non-invasive procedures like Botox rather than more invasive plastic surgery procedures like face lifts due in large part to the fact that they can save money this way. An article on this topic likens the situation today to the situation in the Depression. It notes that back then women would still find a way to scrimp and save enough money to buy lipstick even though it was such a luxury because it was a fairly inexpensive way that they could still beautify themselves and improve the way that they felt about their appearance in those tough times. The article says that laser hair removal today is like what lipstick was during that time. Question of the Day: Are people getting laser hair removal today specifically because it's an inexpensive way to beautify themselves? photo link
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