Treatment Spotlight: LATISSE

Do you wish you had fuller, thicker lashes? Then you might be a great candidate for LATISSE® the first FDA-approved prescription product developed specifically for the increased growth of upper eyelid lashes. LATISSE® was originally discovered by researchers at Allergan, the company that currently manufactures it while working on a separate eye care product. LATISSE® is a topical medication that is typically applied daily to the base of the upper eyelashes, right where the skin of the eyelid and lashes meet. LATISSE® works by extending the growth cycle of your eyelashes, encouraging them to grow longer and darker over time. If you apply LATISSE® daily, you should start to see results after a month or two, with full results visible about four months of treatment.

Continued use of LATISSE®  will maintain your results, but if you decide to stop using LATISSE®  your eyelashes will look like they did before you started the treatment.

Talk to your skin care specialist to learn more about LATISSE® , and find out if this unique treatment option is right for you!

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