Laser Hair Removal: The Only Thing You Have to Lose is Your Unwanted Hair!

Virtually all women (and even most men) have unwanted hair. Removal options can be less than attractive: shaving leaves red bumps, depilatory creams are messy. But new advances in laser hair removal have provided an easy, fast way to permanently remove unwanted hair from just about anywhere.

Laser hair removal is the use of laser energy to eliminate or diminish the body’s ability to produce hair in unwanted areas. This is accomplished by using a laser to apply heat to the hair follicle, which signals the hair follicle to go into a resting (telogen) phase.

There are four different kinds of laser light that are commonly used for hair removal:

  • Alexandrite - such as the Candela GentleLase Plus.
  • Ruby - such as the EpiTouch or the Epilaser.
  • Diode - such as the Coherent Light Sheer.
  • ND and LP ND Yag - such as the Candela GentleYag and the Altus Cool Glide.

These are all effective, fast, comfortable and safe for permanent hair removal. They do present varying risks and intensities, so it's important to discuss with your skin care specialist which laser is best suited to your individual needs.

There are some primary advantages to laser hair removal that are helpful to keep in mind when deciding on a hair removal system.

  • Research has proven that laser hair removal is a safe and effective method for hair removal when performed by an experienced provider
  • Any re-growth is often lighter with finer texture
  • Because the laser method is quicker than electrolysis, it is especially useful for large areas of hair removal in one sitting

Talk to your specialist about the benefits and drawbacks of laser hair removal. Smooth, hair-free skin could be just an office visit away!



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