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How can i treat burns from laser hair removal?
Laser Hair Removal - 2 answers
I had the procedure done 2 days ago and now have burns and blisters on my legs. Read more
How often should i exfoliate my skin?
Microdermabrasion - 2 answers
I would like to try microdermabrasion but do not want to over do it. Read more
I have Type 2 Diabetes and Hypothyroidism. Can I get laser lipo?
Lapex Laser Lipo - 4 answers
I have both of these medical conditions. Am I a candidate for laser lipo? Read more
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What type of filler is used to soften the look of my nose?
Accent XL - 2 answers
Instead of a nose job I am considering using fillers to fill in the gap on the bridge of my nose. Can any filler be used? Read more
What can I do about white facial scars?
Facial - 1 answer
I have white scars from a car accident over 10 years ago. I've done medical tattoos twice and it wore off with two days. I've also done Fraxel and many other lasers. Read more
Will using cream that has Glycolic in it, affect my filler and Botox? Should I use Alyria Exfoliating cream Level 2 or Level 1?
Radiesse - 1 answer
I had a filler procedure done the other day, Radiesse and Botox. I usually use Alria Exfoliating Cream level 2 and other Alyria products. Will it affect my filler and Botox? Read more
How long will my face be swollen and bruised after Sculptra injections?
Sculptra - 2 answers
I do not wear heavy make-up to work and was wondering how much bruising there would be. Read more
Can mesotherapy and a chemical peel be done on the same day?
Acne Treatment - 1 answer
Can I have a mesotherapy and chemical peel done on the dame day? My doctor did both the procedures back to back on same day on my active acne. Read more
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