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My eye shape changed after I had Botox. They are now smaller and hold a very different shape. Are the changes permanent?
BOTOX - 4 answers
My eye shape has change for the worse. They look smaller with saggy lids after 12 units Botox in my forehead and temples. I've totally changed the shape of my eye shape and size. My eyes had an exotic look and ... Read more
How are facial veins treated?
Facial - 4 answers
I have a few prominent veins along my forehead and nose that I would like to get treated. What procedures are available to rid these facial veins? Read more
Can Botox be injected under the armpits for excessive sweating?
BOTOX - 4 answers
Does this work? If not are their alternatives? Read more
How long does Juvederm XL last?
JUVEDERM - 4 answers
I work out a lot and my body is in good shape, but my face looks tired. Is there a treatment that refreshes the face? Problem areas are smile lines and brow furrows. Will Juvederm XL work for me? Read more
How young is too young for Botox?
BOTOX - 4 answers
I have dry skin that is already starting to show wrinkles at age 24! Will it look unnatural for me to start getting botox this young? Read more
I'm looking to have liposuction done. Do surgeons or technicians perform the procedure?
Liposuction - 4 answers
Should I look for certain qualifications or certifications? Read more
Can a chemical peel eliminate melasma?
Chemical Peels - 4 answers
Can a chemical peel eliminate melasma? Read more
Is it safe to have an ipl, microdermabration, and chemical peel all in the same visit?
Is it safe to have an ipl, microdermabration, and chemical peel all in the same visit? Read more
How long should you wait in between Laser Tattoo Rremoval procedures?
I have read in several places that if you go for another procedure too soon that you would be just wasting your money. How long should you wait in between procedures? Read more
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What makes someone a good candidate for smart lipo?
SmartLipo - 4 answers
I'm about 5'6, I used to weigh 295 but now I'm 278, I heard about smart lipo and laser lipo and was wondering if I am a good candidate for that procedure. Read more
Will the dark brown spots that appear after Fotofacial/IPL treatments go away?
I had my first fotofacial treatment last night and the brown spots are very dark and coming to the surface. What I was wondering is will these stay this way until more treatments are performed or will some of ... Read more
Does Fraxel hurt?
Chemical Peels - 3 answers
I want to have Fraxel treatments, but I'm a little worried about potential pain. Is Fraxel resurfacing painful? Read more
Are at home chemical peels effective?
Chemical Peels - 3 answers
Are chemical peels safe to do at home? Will they deliver good results? Read more
Is it true that a large tattoo only needs 6-10 treatments?
How many treatments do you need to remove a multicolored large tattoo? My Dr. told me its six? Read more
Can a dermal filler help close a hole on the tip of my nose?
Dermal Fillers - 3 answers
I have a hole in the tip of my nose , it was caused by a pimple and it does not want to close back, is there any injection to place at this point, to make the skin even and close it? Read more
I can no longer see my teeth when smiling after having Juvederm injections. What can be done?
JUVEDERM - 3 answers
I had Juvederm injections to my lips and now they swelled to the point where my teeth are no longer visible. Is this normal? What should I do? Read more
How do I know which chemical peel is right for me?
Chemical Peels - 3 answers
I'm confused about all of the names and concentrations of different types of chemical peelsl. TCA, AHA peels, Vitalize peel, Blue peel, etc. How do you know what's best for the face? Read more
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