Cosmetic and Health Benefits of Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation may seem like a merely cosmetic practice to some, but this is not the case.  Many skin rejuvenation procedures can help to protect one's health and the appearance of the skin.  While no treatment is without risk, skin rejuvenation may help patients in a variety of ways, while also helping them to feel confident about their appearance.

Skin Cancer Risk Reduction

The outer layers of the skin are regularly exposed to the sun and to harmful ultraviolet rays. This exposure causes the outer layers of the skin to become damaged, and it causes skin cell DNA to possibly become altered as well. When this DNA is altered, the skin cells can begin to mutate into cancer cells. These cells can then create cancerous growths on the face. With skin rejuvenation, patients can remove the outer layers of the skin where damage has taken place. As a result, the skin will be restored to its natural balance. Those with a history of skin cancer may want to seek out skin rejuvenation treatments to help them keep their skin healthy.

Even Skin Tone

Skin rejuvenation can help a person who is worried about her skin tone. By removing the outer layers of the skin, the skin will be able to reveal younger skin cells which do not have the same discoloration, sun spots or age spots which may have been present. This will create a more even skin tone, which can then remain even with proper skin care and followup skin rejuvenation treatments.

Smoother Skin

In skin rejuvenation, the outer layers of the skin are removed, allowing for the texture to become smoother. By removing dead and dry skin from the face and other areas of the body, new skin cells growing beneath can emerge. The skin cells appear more youthful and taut, allowing the treated area to appear more refined. While skin cells continue to restore themselves, skin rejuvenation can expedite this process.

Reduced Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

With skin rejuvenation, patients will also be able to remove lines and wrinkles on the outer layers of the skin. Though the treatments may not completely remove deeper lines, procedures like dermabrasion will allow the skin to be restored to its youthful appearance.  Taking away the aging skin from the face will help a patient look younger, while also helping to slow down the effects of aging as they occur.

Increased Self Esteem

Having younger looking skin has the added benefit of allowing people to feel better about their appearance. Instead of being concerned about the way they look, they can feel confident they are putting their best face forward. With regular treatments and excellent skin care practices, the face and body can continue to look as young as the patient may feel inside.

With skin rejuvenation, the skin can continue to look bright and youthful as the years continue. Though the skin cells may not turn over as quickly as a person ages, the skin treatments will help speed up the skin restoration and repair process.

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