Pregnancy and Blue Peel

The Obagi Blue Peel, known commonly as Blue Peel, was created by dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi. Blue Peel can treat a number of facial problems, including one that is especially common during pregnancy: facial hyper pigmentation.

Safety for Pregnant Women

Women who suffer from facial hyper pigmentation, or other skin conditions such as wrinkles or loss of skin elasticity, during pregnancy can usually have Blue Peel treatments safely while pregnant. Since Blue Peel contains only natural lactic acids that are considered medically safe during pregnancy, it will not harm the mother or the developing baby. However, before having any treatment during pregnancy, a physician should be consulted so that eligibility can be positively determined.

The Blue Peel Procedure

The Blue Peel procedure begins with the applications of between one and four very thin coats of product. This peel will stay in place for about two to three days and will then begin to peel. As peeling takes place, the skin will slough away dead skin and the new skin underneath will be revealed. The peeling process is normally complete in about a week, but the skin may remain red for as long as ten days. The Blue Peel procedure is unlikely to cause any pain to the patient, although mild discomfort in the form of stinging may occur. It is important that patients avoid excess sun exposure in the weeks immediately following the peel since skin will still be sensitive.

Although a pregnant woman might be able to receive Blue Peel, it is best if she waits until after the pregnancy in case her skin continues to change.

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