How ReFirme is Performed

Understanding how ReFirme Skin Tightening treatment is performed should make you more comfortable with the procedure. If you know how the process works, you'll realize that the procedure is a safe, non-invasive alternative to facial fillers and face lift surgery.

The Tool

The primary and practically only tool used during the ReFirme procedure is an electronic system called the elos. The elos allows your cosmetic specialist to target what's called bi-polar radio frequency as well as light across the surface of your skin. This light and bi-polar radio frequency combination is the active force that will be evening out your skin's texture and filling in lines, wrinkles and recesses because it activates the skin's natural tightening agent, collagen. The more collagen production in your skin, the tighter it will be.

Prepping for the Procedure

ReFirme is among the most non-invasive treatment options for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as uneven texture in the skin and loose and sagging skin. Because of this, no anesthetic or numbing agent is needed. You may feel low levels of heat and pressure during the procedure, but you should feel no pain. In fact, you may find the tool's heat relaxing.

The only preparation, then, besides your own preparation of washing your face with non-scented soap and wearing no makeup, jewelry, perfumes or lotions to the office, is that your cosmetic specialist will rub a gel-like material over the area(s) to be treated. This helps conduct the elos over your skin with minimal friction. You may also receive a special pair of glasses to protect and relax your eyes during the treatment.

The Procedure

During your ReFirme session, your cosmetic specialist will run the elos tool over the area(s) of your face and/or neck to be treated in slow, repeated motions. She'll place the tool against your skin, press slightly and release the bi-polar radio frequency and light, which will cause a brief warming sensation. She will then pick up the tool and target another portion of the area nearby.

The Duration of the Procedure

You should expect each procedure to last an average of forty-five to sixty minutes, during which you'll have to lie as still as possible. Because the procedure is so non-invasive and virtually pain-free, it should not be difficult for you to relax and stay still for the procedure, although you'll be unable to wear ear buds or read during the treatment.

Coming Back for More Treatment Sessions

ReFirme requires an average of three to four total treatment sessions. Each session will be spaced between two to four weeks apart and you should see gradual, but not blatant results after each treatment. Expect, then, to devote six to sixteen weeks total to the treatment before you can expect ideal results, followed by maintenance visits every year or so.

The one main caveat with ReFirme is that you won't see ideal results instantaneously, but most patients do see some improvement even after the first session. Instead, your skin will gradually become firmer and tighter with each treatment, providing you with more natural-looking results than the overnight alternatives.

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