Post-LipoDissolve Lifestyle & Maintenance

LipoDissolve, also known as injection lipolysis, is a body sculpting procedure that can reduce a few inches from problem areas of the body. If you are a LipoDissolve patient, you should get informed on your lifestyle after LipoDissolve and how to best preserve the effects of LipoDissolve. You will have to keep an eye on your diet and if possible, get regular exercise. Additional treatments may also be recommended.

Preserving the Effects

In order to be able to preserve the effects of LipoDissolve, you will have to understand what happens to the fat. Some people falsely think once the fat tissues are gone, there will be no more weight gain in the treated areas. Note that not all fat cells are eliminated through the LipoDissolve treatment and the remaining fat cells will be able to expand, should you gain fat. You may also have the tendency to deposit fat in certain areas (i.e. either buttocks and thighs or stomach), and if you gain weight, you will most likely deposit fat in these areas, regardless if these areas were treated or not with LipoDissolve. Consequently, it is important to maintain a constant weight to avoid ruining the effects of LipoDissolve.

Regular Workout

The best way to prevent weight gain is to have a regular workout program. If you work out 2 to 3 times per week for at least 40 minutes, you will keep in shape and will not gain weight. Of course, if you eat more than you need, you may still gain weight even if exercising. Ideally, you should burn as many calories as you eat each day, so you may keep a record of your calorie intake and adjust your workout program accordingly.

You should also change your workout routine regularly, as your body can get used to the same type of workout in a few months and burn fewer calories than when you first started to work out. Change the activities you perform and always challenge your body so that you keep fit. If you have a heart condition, exercising is not recommended, but you may still walk or perform other light activities that will burn calories. Talk to a trainer to establish a suitable workout plan.

Dietary Considerations

Your diet plays an important role in keeping the results of LipoDissolve. If you tend to eat too much, you will most likely gain back the fat in a few months. You should change your diet to keep your figure after a LipoDissolve treatment. You can talk to a nutritionist to find the type of diet that suits your lifestyle. Your daily calorie intake will depend on your activity level, weight and age. You will only be allowed to eat a number of calories per day. If you eat more, you will gain fat, unless you exercise to burn the extra calories.

Additional Treatments

Additional treatments may be recommended on a periodical basis, to keep your body in good shape. Massages, minimally invasive liposuction procedures or non invasive liposuction procedures can maintain the effects of LipoDissolve.

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