Potential Risks and Complications of Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a weight reduction cosmetic procedure that was invented in the 1950s by a French physician. The treatment involves the administration of injections that contain amino acids, drugs, vitamins and other compounds, which will destroy the fat tissues and stimulate the collagen formation. The procedure is versatile, as it can also reduce cellulite and tighten skin, but it has a few possible risks and complications.

Digestive Problems

Mesotherapy is a treatment that will melt the fat tissues and the body will have to break down the fat and excrete it. This may cause digestive problems and constipation in certain patients.


Patients with a dysfunctional liver may also experience complications, as the liver is meant to filter the toxins and the melted fat mixed with the Mesotherapy injections contain a lot of toxins. The procedure will add workload on the liver and a dysfunctional liver may not be able to cope with the workload, resulting in hepatotoxicity or liver damage. The physician will test the patient prior to administering the Mesotherapy injections. Patients with liver problems are discouraged to get Mesotherapy treatment and opt for alternative procedures.


The injection site may get infected in some patients. This is due to the fact that the injection sites were not properly cleaned and protected after the treatment. Applying sterile bandages and cleaning the injection sites with alcohol will prevent the infection of the injection sites. 

The injections administered during the Mesotherapy treatment may cause skin infections, but in rare cases. The infections are more common if the treatment is administered under unsanitary circumstances. Choosing for a reputable beauty clinic will ensure that the treatment is safe and won’t cause skin infections.

Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions to the injections may occur after the Mesotherapy treatment. The injections are administered in the middle layer of the skin also known as the mesoderm, which also gives the name of the procedure. Some people may be allergic to the compounds of the injection, as not all the compounds are natural ingredients.

The allergic reactions will be manifested through severe swelling and redness of the skin. Swelling and redness of skin are among the side effects of Mesotherapy, but if the patient is allergic, these side effects will be amplified.

The plastic surgeon may perform some preliminary tests on the patient to see if he may develop an allergic reaction to the injections.

Skin Discoloration

The Mesotherapy injections may cause skin discoloration in patients with darker skin. This may be a temporary complication and will rarely be permanent.

The risks and complications of Mesotherapy are minor compared to other similar weight reduction procedures such as liposuction. The liposuction procedures involve surgery and surgery has several risks and complications. Mesotherapy has no risks associated with surgery, and this is among the reasons why many patients opt for Mesotherapy instead of liposuction.

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