Recovery after Refirme

A new cosmetic dermatology treatment known as Refirme is one of several therapies involving an innovative blend of infrared light and radio frequency tools. This non-invasive procedure can help tighten and smooth out areas of the face. Patients sometimes elect Refirme to deal with “skin laxity” or wrinkles or folds in specific areas. It’s an easy way to deal with some kinds of cosmetic issues without irritating the skin or underlying tissues through cutting or injecting materials below the skin. For patients who want a lighter touch, this FDA-approved process can be a great solution.

Recovery with Refirme

One of the major selling points of Refirme is that these kinds of noninvasive light treatments do not generally require a substantial recovery time. Unlike conventional cosmetic surgery such as facelifts, with Refirme, a patient does not have to take off work for several days, or otherwise clear their schedule. Even with less invasive treatments like dermal filler injections, there is more of a need for a “recovery time,” where Refirme and other light treatments allow for quick and easy administration.

Routine After-Care

Immediately after a Refirme session, patients may see a redness and tenderness in the affected skin areas. This should be watched for any unusual cases of extreme side effects. During this time, the doctor may also prescribe different over-the-counter or prescription medications for moisturizing the skin. A topical solution with a mild anesthetic may also be something that a doctor prescribes for a patient.

One rule for after a Refirme session is that patients should avoid direct sunlight for up to one month. Doctors will explain what kinds of sunscreen products can be effective in helping patients to avoid sun damage, which could compromise the results of their procedures.

In many cases, good visual results with Refirme require multiple treatment sessions. In general, patients will need to observe the affected areas over time to see if the Refirme therapy has done what it is intended to do; ideally, the treatment will cause collagen under the skin to contract and “firm” the skin, with the production of more collagen filling in areas of the face for a tighter, younger look.

Evaluating the final results of Refirme can take a long time. Patients often return to the offices of the same cosmetic dermatology doctor or cosmetic surgeon in order to get more advice on a combination of treatments that will help them realize their own particular visual goals. Just as good pre-treatment consultation is critically important for avoiding some kinds of risks and side effects, post-treatment follow-up visits help patients to see if the care that they selected has done what it is supposed to do.

As far as recovering from Refirme, generally, there is not much more involved for a patient, although in some cases, sensitivities to the technology can make some patients poorer candidates for this procedure. Talk to your doctor about your medical history and any existing conditions that could influence how Refirme will affect you.

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