Advantages and Disadvantages of Velashape

Velashape offers patients a highly advanced cellulite and fat reduction treatment that also works to reshape the treated area. This multi functioning process helps patients gain a slimmer physique while literally losing unwanted weight and excessive skin.

Advantages of Velashape

The Velashape process provides a non invasive treatment to reduce cellulite and fat storages around the body. Since the Food and Drug Administration approved the procedure, thousands of patients undergo the quick, painless treatment daily.

The treatment works naturally with the body to improve blood circulation while widening blood vessels. Two different devices allow for localized treatment in large and small areas. This process even works well with women after pregnancy, reducing the overall circumference of fatty areas and unwanted cellulite caused by uncontrollable weight gain.

The non surgical process takes limited amounts of time and unlike major surgeries, no down time occurs after the process finishes. However, patients usually take time after the treatment concludes in order to make sure optimal results set in.

The Velashape cellulite reduction treatment takes place in clean medical facilities around the world. Multiple locations exist in most major cities in developed nations, making it much easier to find treatment. Velashape usually does not require patients to undergo major precautionary steps in order to get clearance or acceptance for the treatment.

Disadvantages of Velashape

Patients sometimes need multiple treatments in order to achieve provide optimal results.

Unlike some surgeries or invasive processes, the Velashape treatment does not offer permanent results after 1 or 2 treatments; patients normally visit the treatment facility at least 4 times for the best results.

The repeat visits and treatments greatly increase total spending limits. The actual treatment process often causes a noticeable redness of the skin during and after the procedure.

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