Advantages and Disadvantages of Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure used to remove the outer layer of the skin to enhance skin tone and texture. This procedure treats facial skin conditions such as acne scars, enhanced pores, brown spots, aging lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, dull or thickened skin, etc. Microdermabrasion is a safe and effective facial treatment that can be performed in less than an hour’s time and carries no side effects.


The primary advantage of microdermabrasion is the possibility of having fresh, smooth and soft skin through a simple procedure which does not cause pain nor hamper with a person’s routine. It is a non-surgical procedure, and hence can be repeated at short intervals. It helps one to have rejuvenated skin with a reduction in pigmentation, an elimination of black heads, a reduction in pore size, along with the removal of dull skin, aging lines and wrinkles.


The primary disadvantage of microdermabrasion is it is expensive. Due to its popularity, there are many clinics, spas and centers which offer low price treatments. However, care has to be taken to check if the person who conducts the procedure is a licensed operator (like cosmetologists, registered nurses, dermatologists or estheticians) under the State’s Board of Cosmetology.

Secondly, microdermabrasion is suitable only for superficial skin conditions such as mild scarring, mild discoloration, fine lines and early photo aging. This procedure is ineffective for deep wrinkles, deep scars, rhytides and chronological aging (with sagging and loss of skin elasticity). People planning to opt for microdermabrasion are recommended to undergo the skin assessment measures by a dermatologist to evaluate the skin type suitable for this treatment.

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