Cosmetic and Health Benefits of Sculptra

Sculptra Aesthetic, the facial filler first developed in Europe, can offer results in anywhere between three to six treatments, spaced about three weeks apart. The injectable facial filler treatment can offer you any of the following benefits:

Virtually Erases Sunken Eyes

One of the most common imperfections treated by Sculptra are sunken eyes, eyes that appear overly sunken into the face because of bags under the eyes and darker pigmentation around the eyes. If you experience sunken eyes, they may be the result of genetics, weight loss, thyroid problems or other conditions. You can't usually count on them to get better without intervention, which is why the two-year results guaranteed with a facial filler may be your only option.

Plumps Hollowed Cheeks

Another reason to choose the facial filler treatment is to correct hollowed cheeks, another condition caused by genetics or weight loss, as well as age. Hollowed cheeks can detract from otherwise attractive features on your face, but smoothing and plumping them out can give your skin a more even appearance.

Corrects Indented Chin

An indented chin is typically caused by weight loss or genetics. As well as including the somewhat common "cleft chin," an indented chin may give you the appearance of a small oval area of your chin protruding from under your lips unnaturally. Sculptra can help even out the thickness of the skin, filling in the recessed areas.

Treats Skin Folds

Perhaps the most popular imperfection treated with a facial filler is skin folds, an inevitable result of aging and sometimes a result of weight loss or illness. Skin folds on your face, typically around the mouth and eyes, can be solely responsible for you appearing older than you are. Use a facial filler to reduce the appearance of these folds, and you will look younger than you are.

Boosts Self-Confidence

While all of the cosmetic benefits of Sculptra can provide the reason you choose to undergo the procedure, remember that along with an improved appearance, you will have a boost in your self-confidence. Having a boost of self-confidence is an actual health benefit, as it can greatly reduce your risk of depression. Depression can lead to problems sleeping, trouble keeping up with your daily life and serious health risks, such as stroke, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Encourages Exercise

Along with a lower risk of depression, having more self-confidence after undergoing this facial filler procedure will likely lead you to become more active. You may choose to start exercising regularly by joining a gym or just walking around the neighborhood. Or, you could just get more activity in your day by going socializing and dancing. Either way, more exercise will help shape and tone your body, as well as reduce your risk for weight gain and the health complications gaining weight can lead to, such as diabetes and heart disease.

If you think that Sculptra may be an ideal treatment for you, make an appointment with a cosmetic specialist to discuss your options. The treatment regimen must be tailored to your individual goals, so you must make a consultation before you'll know the length of time the treatment will take and the total cost.

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