Cost and Financing of Prevelle Silk

Prevelle Silk is among the most reputed of dermal-filler treatments, used to reduce signs of aging on facial skin. Prevelle Silk is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure and its affects are appreciable but not permanent. Patients usually need to undertake repeated sessions to maintain their youthful look. The treatment doesn’t involve additional procedures, but the process needs to be repeated every 60-to-90 days. However, this additional cost is largely neutralized by the fact that Prevelle Silk is among the more reasonably-priced dermal filler options.

Prevelle Silk Cost

Prevelle Silk costs are usually divided into two parts. A major part of the cost is attributed to the amount of filler material injected via a syringe. The amount of filler material in turn depends upon the condition of the area under treatment. Average cost for a single dose (one syringe) of Prevelle Silk is around $400, though regional variations in prices exist. The second part of the total billing is the fee charged by the attending, medical professional.

Prevelle Silk Financing

Most clinics provide various payment plans as a part of patient-financing options. This means paying for the procedure across small, weekly or monthly installments at negligible or interest-free rates. People with a reasonably good credit history can seek small loans from lending institutions. Many financial establishments provide short-tenure loans, particularly aimed at people seeking to cover expenses for cosmetic procedures. Some finance companies offer a packaged deal wherein they offer affordable loans along with a list of preferred surgeons in an area. Seeking Prevelle Silk from this list of doctors/plastic surgeons usually means getting some additional discount on the total billing.

It is critical to check with the surgeon’s office if they have limitations on the kind of financing accepted since some facilities accept duration-defined loans, wherein the repayment period is rather short. The chosen loan provider should be discussed with the billing staff because some lending institutions are blacklisted or not preferred by certain clinics.

Prevelle Silk Insurance

Most insurance providers don’t provide coverage for Prevelle Silk, as it is categorized as a cosmetic procedure. However, there are some exceptions to this norm. Health insurance coverage sourced from private insurance companies may provide some degree of coverage for Prevelle Silk treatments (partial coverage). Further, if the procedure is sought to cure scarring or bruising due to an injury or accident, chances of reimbursement are much greater. Even in this scenario, the reimbursement is usually a fraction of the total cost.

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