How to Prepare for a Sculptra

Properly preparing for your Sculptra treatments isn't overly complicated, but taking the proper steps is important nonetheless. If you want the most effective sessions and the quickest healing, be sure to do the following to prepare:

Abstaining the Week Before

You may be asked to abstain from alcohol, Vitamin E supplements and aspirin for a week before each Sculptra treatment. While continuing to imbibe alcohol and take aspirin or Vitamin E should not adversely affect the treatment or your health, it will greatly increase your risk for bruising during recovery. You must, however, stop drinking at least a twelve hours beforehand.

The Day of the Treatment Session

Head to your treatment sessions in comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Wash your face with a non-scented soap and do not wear makeup, jewelry, perfumes or scented lotions. You may resume most normal activities immediately after treatment. However, because your face will be numb and swollen, it may be safer to arrange for someone to drive you home or to work after treatment.

When to Cancel Sessions

You will have to cancel your Sculptra session if you have a sunburn on your face or neck (whichever will be treated) the morning of the session. You will also have to reschedule if you have a cold or other contagious or inhibiting illness. You can avoid the sunburn at least by properly applying sunscreen anytime you lave the house during the day, even if the weather is overcast.

Your cosmetic specialist may give you additional instructions to prepare for Sculptra based on your individual circumstances, so be sure to pay attention and do what's necessary. Not properly preparing for the sessions can cause complications and lengthen your recovery time.

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