Fraxel Restore and Dry Skin

Fraxel Restore is a procedure which can help a patient finally remove unwanted age spots and skin discolorations. By only affecting the lower layers of the skin, the results are more natural, while also requiring less recovery time. Those with dry skin will find that Fraxel Restore is a cosmetic procedure which can help them.

What Dry Skin Patients Can Expect

When using Fraxel Restore, only the lower layers of the skin will be affected by the laser. This will allow the outer layers of the skin to remain untouched, though they will be affected. As the lower layers of the skin are treated, they encourage the outer layers of the skin to slough off, revealing fresher and newer skin. Those with dry skin may notice they have more dry skin issues and flaking than normal, but this will be temporary. Using a moisturizer that's recommended by the doctor will help the patient have less skin tightness and discomfort.

Fraxel Restore can help a patient reveal newer skin and enhance the production of collagen. In doing so, a patient will be able to see results quickly without major side effects.  Within a few days, the patient will see their skin look tighter and smoother.

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