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Cool Lipo, or Cool Touch Lipo, is a procedure which helps to remove fatty tissues from various parts of the body. It is less invasive than standard liposuction procedures and is usually used to remove fat from areas such as under the chin, smaller regions that standard liposuction left behind or cannot treat. The procedure is laser based and removes fat in areas where skin may tend to hang or sag, such as the back of the arms and under the chin. Treatments may be performed on the abdomen in some cases and this ought to be discussed with a plastic surgeon.

Who is a candidate for Cool Lipo?

Anyone who is looking to remove excess fat in relatively small areas is a great candidate for the procedure. Usually “trouble” areas where fat tends to linger even after exercise are good areas to treat. Larger areas are better left for other weight loss surgery options. Cool Lipo is a great option for those looking to remove fat in a minimally invasive way without undergoing general anesthesia in most cases.

Which area is Cool Lipo useful for?

CoolLipo works well in smaller areas with excess fat (chin, arms, abdomen, fatty tissue in male breasts, buttocks, thighs). Discussing the desired treatment area with an experienced doctor is the best way to determine what results are possible..

Is the fat removal seen with Cool Lipo permanent?

Weight loss surgery of any kind, regardless of how invasive it is, cannot 100% guarantee that weight will not be regained after or during the procedure. Fat cells can develop again in time and it is all a matter of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. To sustain the results, maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is the single most effective form of preventing weight gain.

How is the Cool Lipo procedure performed?

An experienced plastic surgeon will start by cleansing the area to be treated and injecting a local anesthetic to numb the area. A waiting period will then ensue to allow the area to numb up. Once the patient is numb, the laser is directed under the skin and energy is released in the areas where fat is to be dissolved. The laser is moved from one place to another to dissolve the fatty cells in various places of the treatment area. The laser stimulates new collagen to grow over time and simultaneously tighten the skin in the area. Once this part is over, the doctor may remove the dissolved fat or the body will absorb it over time. The total surgery time usually takes about an hour to three hours to complete depending on the area being treated.

What is the Cool Lipo recovery period like?

Recovering from Cool Lipo is rather simple. A compressive dressing may be worn around the treatment area to facilitate the healing process, protect the area, and to help tighten the skin. This must be worn for about 2-3 days. Once this period is over, patients will have relatively little discomfort or bruising. Every patient’s recovery time and bodily response is unique however, so discussing this with a doctor is a great idea. Most patients can return to work the next day, but the compressive dressing is still required to facilitate the healing process.

When will I see results from Cool Lipo?

Results are noticeable even right after the procedure is completed. Patients will likely notice the area is tighter and not as loose. The full results can take a few months to emerge. Since fat is removed during the procedure, the area with definitely look different as a result of that.

How many Cool Lipo sessions are necessary?

Generally one procedure will cover most of the fatty areas to be removed, but more than one may be necessary depending on the patient and the area being treated. There is usually a required interval period which allows for the results of any prior treatments to become obvious so that the plastic surgeon knows where to treat should a future treatment be needed.

Can Cool Lipo be used in conjunction with liposuction?

CoolLipo can be used as a means to acquire even finer results to areas that prior liposuction missed. A waiting period is generally required so that the plastic surgeon knows what areas to treat and so that the initial liposuction’s effects have a chance to fully develop.

Is Cool Lipo FDA approved?

Yes, CoolLipo has been approved as of the beginning of 2008 for use in liposuction type procedures.

Is Cool Lipo covered by health insurance providers?

Most plastic surgery procedures or weight loss surgery procedures may be considered cosmetic and are therefore not covered by insurance policies. Researching what insurance may cover is always a good idea however, as is discussing options with a plastic surgeon.

What is the cost for Cool Lipo procedures?

The cost of each procedure varies from patient to patient and depends on the area to be treated. Patients can usually expect to spend around $1000 or more per treatment however, which of course may be more depending on the size of the treatment area.

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