FDA Approval Status for Vaser Liposelection

VASER Liposelection received approval from the Food and Drug Administration in 2002. This unique body-contouring procedure uses the power of ultrasound energy or sound waves to break down fat for its removal. The VASER option works on nearly every problematic region of the body.

Effective Treatment Types

Medical professionals who have performed the VASER Liposelection method seem to agree that satisfactory results can occur in all sizes of patients on all areas of the body. Most patients who undergo this specific liposuction alternative do not exceed their recommended body weights and body fat percentages. The VASER treatment helps sculpt the body rather than targeting a reduction in total size.

The FDA-approved product works for body-contouring in the thighs, neck, waist, buttocks, chest, hips, back, chin, stomach and more. VASER Liposelection works to rid unwanted fat deposits from virtually any place on the body.

Safety and Efficiency

The VASER product causes limited downtime -- though in some cases, more is required. Patients who undergo larger or higher levels of treatment, based on the number of areas targeted and the amount of fat removed, often require longer periods of post-procedural resting than those who get small amounts of tissue taken out.

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