Lipotherme for Women

Lipotherme, also called laser-assisted lipolysis, is a contouring treatment used to remove excess fat from a person’s body. Using a laser for this procedure, a doctor targets trouble areas, often referred to as target zones, and liquefies fat that has collected there. This minimally invasive procedure is often used to remove fat deposits that remain after significant exercise, dieting or weight loss. It is also effective for tightening the outer layer of skin in the target zones.

Suitability for Women

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Lipotherme for treatment in the United States. It is considered suitable and safe for women. However, the procedure is used to help smooth and tighten target areas. It is not considered effective as a treatment for obesity.

Common Target Areas for Women

Women may use Lipotherme to shape and tone problem areas of their bodies. Among the typical target areas for women are the upper arms, hips, thighs and abdominal region. Many women opt to have excess fat removed from the knee area as well.


Pregnant women are usually advised to postpone Lipotherme until after they’ve given birth. However, the procedure may be beneficial after they’ve lost the weight gained during pregnancy. It is not used to remove stretch marks.

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