Medical Conditions and Slim Lipo

Slim Lipo is a minimally invasive procedure that uses lasers to melt the fat tissues, causing negligible side effects. The procedure can be applied in a large number of patients, however, it may not be recommended for patients that suffer from certain medical conditions.

Slim Lipo and Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that may affect the outcome of a Slim Lipo procedure. For this reasons, some plastic surgeons run blood tests prior to a Slim Lipo procedure. A high level of glucose in the blood may affect the way lasers liquefy the fat and may also increase the risks of blood clotting and embolisms.

Heart, Liver and Kidney Diseases

Patients with a heart condition may have a negative reaction to the anesthetic and complications during the surgery may also occur.

The anesthetic may also have a negative impact on patients with liver or kidney diseases. Problems may occur when anesthetics such as lidocaine are used.

Dysfunctional Blood Coagulation

The Slim Lipo procedure involves a few small incisions that will cause minimal bleeding; however, patients with a blood coagulation problem may lose more blood and this may present risks.

Patients with hemophilia should avoid slimming procedures such as Slim Lipo and opt for non invasive treatments.

Autoimmune Diseases

Patients with autoimmune diseases (i.e lupus) should avoid invasive cosmetic procedures such as Slim Lipo. Even if the procedure is minimally invasive, it uses lasers and the reaction of a defective immune system to the lasers is not predictable.

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