Vitalize Peel®

What will my skin feel like during and after my Vitalize Peel®?

During your Vitalize Peel®, you will experience a warm, tingling sensation. This procedure is quite tolerable and requires no pre-medication. After your peel, you may continue to experience mild tingling.

How long after Vitalize Peel may I return to normal activities?

You may return to normal activities immediately following your Vitalize Peel®. You may experience mild redness or tingling following your peel. One to three days following your procedure you will notice mild to moderate peeling of the skin that can be concealed with the use of a moisturizer. This peeling is essentially unnoticeable by others. Vitalize Peel® is a rejuvenation procedure with no downtime.

How many Vitalize Peels will it take to get a great result?

The number of treatments needed depends upon the problem being addressed but usually ranges from three to six treatments spaced two to four weeks apart. Results are generally seen after just one treatment, but a series of treatments is required for optimum results. Depending on the concern being addressed, your provider may recommend other treatments in conjunction with your Vitalize Peel?, such as Laser Genesis, which may be alternated with your peel if needed.

How long will my Vitalize Peel results last?

The changes that occur in the epidermis following a chemical peel last for years, and may even be permanent. In order to maintain your results, it is critical to avoid sun damage. In the case of acne scarring, it is necessary to control further acne breakouts in order to avoid further skin disruption. Hormonal changes, sun damage and further acne breakouts may cause new pigment changes or scarring that may require repeat treatments with Vitalize Peel® alone or in combination with other treatments.

How long does the Vitalize Peel take?

Vitalize Peel® of the face is generally performed in less than twenty minutes.

This article on Titan Non-Surgical Facelift was provided by Noha Aboelata, M.D.
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