Botox: Valuable Enough to Steal?

Would you steal Botox from your dermatologist's office? Now, most of us aren't interested in lives of crime but even if we were, Botox probably wouldn't be the first thing on our list of items to steal. Nevertheless, it happens. Thieves break into the offices of plastic surgeons and skin care experts, grab thousands of dollars worth of Botox and make their escape. Don't believe me? Take a look at this crime report from last week's Des Moines Register. Couched in between such standard crimes as the theft of a diamond ring and a series of drunk driving arrests, you will find that there is an announcement from a dermatologist that $6000 worth of Botox was stolen from an office in West Des Moines. What exactly does one do with Botox after stealing it? Give injections to themselves and their friends? Put it up on the black market and see who is buying? It sounds like a bad episode of Nip/Tuck except that it's happening in real life in The Midwest. photo link
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