Reloxin: Future Botox Rival?

There are a number of different dermal fillers on the market but Botox injections are still basically considered a one-of-a-kind name-brand treatment for wrinkles. That could be about to change. There's a new player in the market called Reloxin that could provide serious competition to Botox if the FDA approves it for use. Botox and Reloxin are not exactly the same thing. However, they are strikingly similar. And so far, it looks the results should be the same for each of them. So why would Botox users switch over to Reloxin? They might not. Factors that will be taken into consideration by consumers include the availability of Reloxin and the relative cost of the new product in comparison with Botox. Those who want to stick with Botox are hoping that the competition will drive down the price of their injections. It will take about a year for the FDA to give its approval (assuming that it does) and to get the product into doctors' offices. In the meantime, Botox-maker Allergan is moving into other markets like eyelash enhancement. Question of the Day: Would you test out Reloxin if it came to the shelves or would you stick with Botox, a name that you know? photo link
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