Have Your Spouse Look at Your Skin

Most people who are interested in skin rejuvenation procedures are not interested in having people see them with bad skin. You want people to see you looking your best. As a result, many people fail to take advantage of the fact that they have spouses and other loved ones who could look at their skin regularly with an eye towards dermatological problems. A spouse can be a terrific tool for early detection of skin cancer and other skin problems. Unfortunately, most people avoid having their spouse look at flaws on their bodies too closely. This often leads to later detection of disease which means more health problems than necessary. You can certainly ask your skin care doctor to do your basic skin checks for you. Every time that you get a procedure like laser resurfacing or dermal fillers done, your doctor can do a look at your skin to see if there are problems. However, your spouse and family members might be a better option for catching problems and nipping them in the bud. Learn more about this issue here. Question of the Day: Are you uncomfortable having your spouse see your skin when it is less than its best? photo link
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