Should The Unemployed Get Cosmetic Work to Get Hired?

One of the reasons that people get cosmetic procedures such as dermal fillers is that they want to look better so that they can move forward with their careers. It has been shown that attractive people are more likely to get hired and to move into powerful positions than are their equally talented but not as good-looking counterparts. So let's say that you're in a position where you are unemployed. This means that you've got no income and should be budgeting your money. But without cosmetic work, you may have a lower chance of getting hired by the employers that you seek to have hire you. Should you spend money on cosmetic work in order to get a job? The answer is maybe ... or maybe not. In most cases, it would make more sense to get a lower-level job that isn't going to be as likely to make judgments about your few wrinkles then to save the money from that job to get the cosmetic work done. But for people who have been laid off from high-level positions, getting a little cosmetic work might actually boost self-confidence and add to the individual's ability to get a job. Question of the Day: Should an unemployed person spend money on cosmetic procedures such as Botox in order to get a job? photo link
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