Pregnancy and Cool Lipo

Cool Lipo is a fat reduction cosmetic surgery. If you are considering this procedure, but a pregnancy is also part of your future plans, it is helpful to know some facts about cool lipo and pregnancy.

Cool Lipo before Pregnancy

Cool lipo before pregnancy presents no risks, but you have to consider the consequences of the pregnancy. If you get the cool lipo before the pregnancy, chances are that you gain back all the fat and even more and your skin will be flabby, so you may need another cosmetic surgery.

If you still decide to get cool lipo prior to getting pregnant, make sure you take a pregnancy test before you schedule the surgery.

Cool Lipo during Pregnancy

Even if it is a minimally invasive surgery, cool lipo is not recommended during pregnancy, as it may be potentially harmful for the baby, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. The local or general anesthesia may also hurt the baby.

Cool Lipo after Pregnancy

Getting a cool lipo after pregnancy is efficient and most recommended. Cool lipo can get rid of the excess deposits of fat that are inherent during a pregnancy. In addition to sculpting your body, cool lipo will also tighten your skin. However, the procedure shouldn’t be performed while you are still breast feeding.

Consult a plastic surgeon and decide the best time to get the cool lipo surgery.

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