Cosmetic Etiquette: Why haven't we Learned?

Why_Not_Choose_Plastic_Surg.jpg One would imagine that in a day and age where more people visit the dermatologist or plastic surgeon than their dentist, that we would be used to complimenting and questioning our peers, colleagues and friends more aptly. However, even with the millions of people who get cosmetic enhancement procedures done like Botox, breast implants and laser Restylane, people are still unaware of how to approach the subject matter. So when and how is it appropriate to ask someone if they have had work done? Tough question, even cosmetic dermatologists don't have an answer for that. But today a CNN lifestyle correspondent reported in her article how many people are very uncouth about asking her about her Botox and breast augmentation. Journalist Anabelle Newell said, "Complete strangers will say, 'Great boobs!'," explains Newell, 37, who got implants in 1991 because she wasn't happy being an A cup -- especially in her hometown of Los Angeles. "I'll have women pull me aside in a bathroom and ask if they can touch them." A breast implant is one thing, but millions of people yearly go into their local dermatologist for a Botox prick (at least every 3 months). So why is it still so difficult to break down the taboos and stigmas associated with aesthetic enhancements?
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