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Dysport Questions

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Do you need twice as many units of Dysport to be effective?
Dysport -2 answers
I heard that twice as much Dysport needed to be injected compared to Botox for the same results. Is this true? Why would this be the case? Read more
Can Dysport be used in neurological applications?
Dysport -2 answers
Or is Botox still the only product approved for use in neurological practices? Read more
Can I take Aleve or Ibuprofen for headache and swollen eyelids?
Dysport -2 answers
Can I take aleve or ibuprofen for headache and swollen eyelids 3 days after dysport injections? Read more
Can improperly injected Dysport cause bags under eyes as it wears off?
Dysport -1 answer
I had Dysport injected in February 2012, and have had bags under my eyes for the past month - is this symptom related to Dysport? Read more
Which is best, Restylane, Botox or Dysport?
Dysport -1 answer
I am considering Restylane or Botox and/or Dysport for my wrinkles on my face. Which would produce the longest-lasting results? What are the pros and cons of these options? I have wrinkles between my eyes, aro... Read more

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