Are any new Dermal Fillers coming out this year?

Are there any dermal fillers being developed that may last longer than what is currently available?

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Replied on 6/20/2010

By: St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center  |  Thomas Wright M.D. F.A.C.P.
St. Louis, MO

Most of the "new" dermal fillers in the pipeline to be released this year are merely modified versions of currently available fillers. If you are considering a longer lasting filler, I would recommend having fat harvested from your body and injected in the desired area needing filling.

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underneath my eyes are sunken in. i have had my own fat moved around and injected to puff out under my eye; what eles is available for me to do?

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Can dermal fillers be used under the eyes to lessen the hollowness? If not, is there anything that can be used? Thank you.

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I heard that I need to tell the specialist if I get cold sores before getting dermal filler injections in my lips. Why is this?

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Hi, I have lost volume in my face, what's the best treatment to correct my face? I lost the weight because of a car crash. I was looking at either fillers or fat transfer.

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I have a hole in the tip of my nose , it was caused by a pimple and it does not want to close back, is there any injection to place at this point, to make the skin even and close it?

While traditionally dermal fillers are injected into the face is it possible to inject it into your body? (10 answers)
Can dermal fillers be effective in other areas of the body. For example cellulite on the legs or saggy arms?

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I saw no results with my Restylane treatment, what should I do? (9 answers)
I had a dermal filler by a dermatologist (Restylane) & was very unhappy with the results. I saw no results and looked the same 3 weeks later as I did before the procedure. Maybe the doctor was not experienced not sure. Please Advise me on my options.

Are the swelling and lumps side effects of Dermal Fillers and will this go away? (7 answers)
I had esthelis done 3 days ago, my face looks horrible and bruised, and there is lumps. None of the wrinkles are gone or the hollowness under the eyes. Will it go away and settle?

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What are possible ways to make it look the asymmetrical?

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I am 48, female, and have slight frown lines. Will repeated collagen fillers make it worse?

Will repeated collagen fillers loosen the elasticity of the skin forcing one after many years to do surgical face lifts? Will not having repeated collagen injections only weaken the surface layer of the skin in the long run?

Is a black eye from Perlane a normal side effect? (7 answers)
I got Perlane four weeks ago in the folds around my mouth and under my eye. My eye immediately bruised. I applied ice and continue to use Arnicare. I have had Juvederm and Restylane before without bruising. What advice can you give me?

If a bad injection job was done, can it be corrected without waiting 8mos. for it to fade? (7 answers)
I had Restylane injected to correct the hollows below my eyes. 3 vials were used with a single injection in center of the eye area and below the cheekbone. Now I have uneven eyes, and the hollows are not the same. I think the injection was uneven, can it be corrected sooner than eight months?

Do dermafillers dissolve after RF treatment? (6 answers)
Hi, heard that dermafillers dissolve if you have a RF treatment over the same area. Could I have a RF treatment over an area which has already been treated with dermafillers and Botox as well?

Is there a permanent treatment for Lipoatrophy in the face? (6 answers)
I have abnormal fat loss in my face (lipoatrophy). I am seeking a permanent solution to the problem that won't interfere with my current drugs or my diet and exercise program. I also have 47% kidney function. I am not sure what you might recommend?

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Can any dermal filler be used for lip augmentation? Which is the best one to use?

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I was wondering if an esthetician is allowed to inject a dermal filler or Botox in a patient, or are these injections only administered by a Doctor?

How does the physician avoid injecting Zyplast in an artery in the lips? (6 answers)
Can this be avoided by aspirating the syringe to see if there's blood?

Can Dermal Fillers be used to non-surgically reshape the nose? (6 answers)
I’m afraid of going under the knife, and just want some minor adjustments made to the structure of my nose. Could carefully injected dermal fillers work?

Which facial fillers are the most effective and longest lasting? (6 answers)
I am a young 65 year old and might consider having a facial/jowl filler treatment . Which one is longest lasting and most effective? What is the average cost for one syringe?

Which Dermal Filler is generally better for the nasal labia folds? (6 answers)
I'm looking at having the nasal labia folds area done but have been told by so many different surgeons about different dermal fillers. What's best and why?

I am on Coumadin, can I get dermal fillers and an eyelid lift? (6 answers)
I have the marionette lines and droopy eyelids. Previously had valve replacement and am on coumadin. I also have an arrythymia which is treated with amiodorone. Am I a canidate for any face improvement? I am 63 and young at heart.

Can Dermal Fillers cause skin cancer? (5 answers)
Does injecting fillers beneath the skin raise the likelihood of developing skin cancer? Is the way the skin absorbs the material over time dangerous at all?

Can heat dissolve Dermal Fillers? (5 answers)
I had one of the newer fillers that helps produce collagen. Then I had a facial with a laser?It seems the filler dissolved, can this be attributable to the laser/heat?

Can permanent fillers be used on a stomach scar? (5 answers)
I have a scar under my belly button from a tubal ligation. I'm not sure why he cut me there. It healed very well, but if I gain just a little weight, It looks like I have two belly buttons. I don't like wearing bikinis and am self conscious around my fiance. Can dermal fillers be used on a stomach scar? What other alternatives do I have?

Can dermal fillers be used to fill a deep hollow created after a piercing was rejected by the body? (5 answers)
I had my eyebrow pierced for 6years until my body rejected it. I am now left with a deep hollow where it was pierced. I have tried laser but it was unsuccessful (although the scar disappeared when swollen after the laser session). Would dermal fillers be the solution?

Can the effects of Perlane injections be reversed? (4 answers)
Last week I had Perlane injected into my cheeks. One cheek came out perfect, while the other became flat and hard to the touch. The problematic cheek is indented, almost like the filler went into an empty hole. There is no contour. Can this be corrected?

How long do I need to wait before having my next dermal filler? (4 answers)
I had Juvederm injected into my marionette lines on January 23rd. Now, I want the filler for cheeks. How long do I need to wait before having my next set of injections?

After having dermal fillers, can I have diamond tip facials without damaging the injectable? (4 answers)
I am afraid the suction will help to dissolve or disperse the injected filler.

What are normal side effects after fillers? (4 answers)
I have daily headaches after face filler and Botox on my forehead and between eyebrows this month. Why? Also, when the filler is gone will I my face be more stretched out than it would have been without the fillers?

Is it safe to have a facelift while Dermal Fillers are still taking effect? (4 answers)
Or should I wait until the effects have worn off?

Is it safe to use dermal fillers in the decolletage? (4 answers)
Is it a good idea to get dermal injections in the upper breast area? I just want a little bit more fullness, but want to make sure it is safe to do this.

Which dermal procedure has the least swelling? (4 answers)
Is there any type of wrinkle reduction that I can do around my eyes and laugh lines which have little or no swelling?

Do derma fillers work on acne scars and regular scars? (3 answers)
Hello I wanted to know if i was to get the dermal fillers would it work on an acne scar i have? Also, would the fillers work on a dog bite scar that's on my nose? Lastly, how much do the dermal fillers cost??

Facial Damage Procedures? (3 answers)
I had a severe head injury that caused a collagen imbalance in left side of face and some anomalies elsewhere. My left nasal valve is collapsing and left laugh line way more pronounced/swollen than right side. Can these be helped with HA or Botox?

Do Dermal Fillers contain gluten? (3 answers)
How would I find out if an injectable filler has gluten in it? I have celiac disease and want to make sure the product is safe for me.

Permanent Dermal Fillers (3 answers)
The dermal filler maintenance treatments that I need to keep receiving to maintain my youthful look are getting expensive. Are there any permanent dermal fillers available, and what are the pros and cons of long-term dermal fillers?

Is there a way to close a hole in the middle of my nose? (3 answers)
I have had a hole in the middle of my nose since I was born. Ever since I can remember, hair would grow out of it and white pus will come out if you squeeze it. It never closes and sometimes it will hurt as if it is getting infected. I want to close it. Is that possible?

Can a person that has had a dermal filler or Botox done receive a chemical peel? (3 answers)
Would a chemical peel cause a reaction with the fillers and/or Botox?

What is the longest Perlane can remain in the skin? (3 answers)
If there was already some Perlane in someone's skin from previous injections two years prior, and more Perlane was added (a full syringe), and big masses were formed, what is the longest it can remain before it's finally gone?

3 months after having restylane injected into my cheeks, one of them has become numb and hard. Is this normal? What should I do? (3 answers)
Hi. I had restylane injected into my cheeks about 3 months ago. Everything was fine but this week one cheek has become warm, numb and a little hard. Should I be worried? Is there anything I can take?

What is the best filler for volume loss around the mouth/laugh area? (3 answers)
I've lost volume around the laugh/month area and would like to know which filler is best for filling out this region. Which would you recommend?

Which dermal filler is best for fine lines and deep wrinkles? (3 answers)
I have badly dehydrated facial skin with lots of fine lines and some deep wrinkles. Which dermal filler would best address my situation?

Which dermal fillers haven't been tested on animals? (2 answers)
Can you tell me which dermal fillers haven't been tested on animals? I would like to try a filler but am against testing on animals.

Can I do face lifting massages after Radiesse or other dermal fillers? (2 answers)
I am 31 years old and have been doing face lifting massages almost daily for the past seven years. I want to try Radiesse (a volumizing filler) but am concerned about whether I can continue doing my facial massages.

Which wrinkle fillers are NOT tested on animals? (2 answers)
I'm getting mixed information on the Internet regarding which dermal fillers are and aren't tested on animals. I would like to try a filler but am against testing on animals. Do you know which wrinkle fillers are NOT tested on animals?

Can I scuba dive after getting dermal fillers? (2 answers)
I am a rather frequent diver, but would like to try dermal filler for the face. Will the mask or underwater pressure pose problems/ruin the results of the fillers? If so, how long should I wait before diving? If problems still occur, what can be done?

best filler for acne scar (2 answers)
what is the best/preferably permanent filler options for acne scars? I have had multiple laser treatments which showed minimal results and left me with very sensitive skin and also cost me a fortune. Have been looking into dermal fillers. Please help.

Dermal fillers for bags under eyes & plastic surgery? (2 answers)
If I get a dermal fillers (Restylane) under my eyes, can I have plastic surgery in the same area in the future?

Is it possible to get scar tissue from one juvederm injection? (2 answers)
I had juvederm filler above eye area just below the eyebrow close to upper lid. I would like my eye to go back to pre injection state, and was worried if there was going to be any scar tissue?

is a any link with fillers and lupus (2 answers)
Hi, I have had Artefill, Sculptra, and Radiesse, is there any link with these and lupus? I have been getting Radiesse and Sculptra for years. Recently, I had a terrible reaction which put me into the hospital with infection and now they said I have lupus?

Dysport vs. Reloxin (2 answers)
I’ve been trying to research different dermal fillers and I’m really confused. Is Dysport the same thing as Reloxin? How is it different from Botox?

The skin aroudn my eyes become black, loose, and shineless. Is dermal fillers the best treatment for eye wrinkles? (2 answers)
I have under eye black circle. I have taken glycholic peel's sitting for this from kaya after doctor's suggestion, but now my skin around my eyes becomes loose, shineless, and have lines under my eyes. I really want to get rid of this, any suggestions?

Filler for Volume that lasts for life? (2 answers)
First, does a "permanent" filler last for life (i.e., 50+ years), or just longer than existing ones? For creating volume (cheeks/mandibular), which one currently used in Europe would be best? (I've had Radiesse, it didn't last long). Thanks!

Can I still have derma filler injections or Botox while taking Accutane? (1 answer)
Can I still have derma filler injections or Botox while taking Accutane?

Dermal Fillers, Botox and Scuba Diving (1 answer)
I have had dermal fillers and Botox Christmas 2011 now it is April 2011
I went Suba Diving on the weekend and now there are lumps on my cheeks, are they going to go down again?

Experienced doctor in NJ for fillers for under-eye hollows? (1 answer)
I am considering fillers for deep under-eye hollows. Is there a VERY experienced doctor in NJ that anyone can guide me to? So far, no one I contacted does this procedure.

Can fillers get rid of slight chin cleft? how long would it last or would there be more permanent solutions? (1 answer)
Can fillers get rid of slight chin cleft? how long would it last or would there be more permanent solutions?

I got red lines down my face around my mouth after a dermal filler injection. Is this normal? (1 answer)
Do the red lines mean I have an infection? The area is tender and swollen, but I heard that is normal. I just wasn't expecting the lines.

How do you remove dermal filler that has been injected around the eye area? How long does it take for the filler to dissolve? (1 answer)

Can permanent dermal filler be removed from the glabellar area? If so, how? (1 answer)
I had a permanent dermal filler (called Evolution) injected into my glabellar area. It was wrongly injected and is causing problems. Can the filler be removed? If so, how?

Can wrinkles above the knees be treated with dermal fillers? If so, which filler is best? (0 answers)
I've had 4 Exilis treatments on the area above my knees, but there has been no improvement despite 6 months of treatment. I have two more sessions left but am wondering if dermal fillers would be more effective. Can wrinkles above the knees be treated with fillers? If so, which would be the best and how long would it last?

I have had about 8 years of dermal fillers. Can it cause any problems such as headaches or pressures in any of the injection sites? (0 answers)
I have had about 8 years of dermal fillers. Can it cause any problems such as headaches or pressures in any of the injection sites?

How to treat necrosis? (0 answers)
I've used argiform, juviderm, and glytone 4.

can you inject derma fillers in yourbutt (0 answers)
i don't have enough fat to do fat injections how can i make my butt big?

do you guys do butt shots (0 answers)
i don't have enough fat to take from somewhere is there something else i can inject to enhance my butt?

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