LipoDissolve for Men

LipoDissolve is a slimming procedure that is minimally invasive and may be used to eliminate fat from different areas of the body. Injections are administered, and these will break down the fat, while the body will naturally eliminate it.

LipoDissolve and Men

LipoDissolve is a procedure that uses injections to destroy fat cells; the injections contain a solution of Phosphatidlycholine (PPC). The LipoDissolve injections may be used in men and women, having the same results both in men and women. Typically, men get this procedure for certain areas of the body.

In men, the procedure may be used to eliminate limited amounts of fat from the abdominal area and help in obtaining a beautifully shaped abdomen. The LipoDissolve injections may also target the love handles, eliminating the fat from these areas and giving male patients a more masculine look.

Male patients also opt for the LipoDissolve treatment to get rid of neck fat, which is difficult to eliminate through exercising or dieting. A full LipoDissolve treatment includes 1 to 4 treatments, depending on the amount of fat that needs to be eliminated and how the patient responds to the injections. The entire treatment can be spread over a period of 8 weeks.

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