Alternative Uses of Dysport

Dysport helps to improve patient’s conditions who suffer from cervical dystonia. Plus, this injectable solution also improves facial appearance by relieving glabellar lines caused by muscle tension between the eye brows.

Treating Cervical Dystonia

The injectable medication found in each treatment of Dysport helps relax muscles, the primary issue caused by cervical dystonia. This specific type of dystonia causes the body to convulse and jerk, often times forcing the body into unnatural, uncomfortable and painful positions.

The muscle relaxant works to reduce involuntary contractions in the neck and shoulder muscles, often associated with cervical dystonia.

Treating Glabellar Lines

Although Dysport was primarily designed to treat patients with severe or past cases of dystonia, the muscle relaxant medication found in the treatment also helps reduce the wrinkles or lines found between the eye brows. Often associated with a constant frowning appearance, the glabellar lines easily become removed with limited treatments of Dysport.

Patients with cervical dystonia receive higher doses and more treatment repetitions than those seeking the reduction of glabellar lines; mostly because the muscles being treated vary in size by a large degree. The muscles that control the eye brows control a much smaller region, as opposed to the neck and shoulder muscles that cause the contractions suffered by dystonia patients.

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