Candidacy for Dysport

Dysport, an injectable muscle relaxant solution, targets those areas that suffer from constant tension and fixed position. The treatment works toward providing better posture and overall appearance.

Viable Candidates for Dysport

  • Those who suffer from cervical dystonia and remain in a fixed abnormal position benefit from the use of Dysport. The injection temporarily loosens muscles through a weakening process that allows the body to set into a normal posture.
  • Cervical dystonia patients remain the target group for Dysport treatment
  • Dysport helps eliminate the lines between eyebrows on patients over the age of 65 years old. Studies involving the treatment have not yet proven that people under the age of 18 could benefit from the use of Dysport
  • Those who encounter serious neck injury with prolonged pain and deformation often use Dysport injections to reduce muscle fixation.
  • Those with serious back injuries that cause muscles to remain in fixed positions (resulting in irregular or uncomfortable body posture) seek the Dysport treatment in order to temporarily or permanently fix prolonged discomfort.

Dysport requires the administering of treatment through trained medical professionals. Those with severe cases of cervical dystonia benefit greatly from the use of the Dysport treatment, and they continue to remain the leading candidates for this medical procedure.

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