Medical Conditions and Cool Lipo

Cool Lipo is among the most advantageous fat reduction procedures, being minimally invasive, safer than traditional liposuction and other more aggressive fat removal systems and having minimal recovery time. However, there are a few medical conditions that may affect the Cool Lipo procedure.

Dysfunctional Liver

If a patient has a dysfunctional liver, there are several plastic surgery procedures that won't be recommended, including Cool Lipo. This is due to the fact that this procedure employs anesthesia and the anesthetic may create problems (i.e., toxicity) for an already dysfunctional liver. Patients can discuss this with their plastic surgeon and he may recommend other similar procedures.

Blood Clotting Problems

If a person's blood does not coagulate properly, this may be a problem during the procedure. The procedure involves a few small incisions and if the blood is not clotting properly, the patient may lose a lot of blood.

Patients can consider other non-invasive fat removal procedures to reduce the potential risks and complications of Cool Lipo. Zerona Laser Treatment may be one option.  


Cool Lipo should be avoided during pregnancy, as it may potentially hurt the baby. Take a pregnancy test a few days prior to the scheduled date of the procedure and if the test is positive, postpone the procedure. Cool Lipo is not recommended during the lactation period.

If you are considering Cool Lipo, discuss with your plastic surgeon and let him know if you have any medical condition or if you are under any medication. The surgeon should be able to tell you if you're a suitable candidate for Cool Lipo.

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