Eye-catching Results: 3 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Eyes

They have been called the windows to the soul, but are your eyes looking as bright as you'd like them to? Making eye-contact is a great way to instill confidence in people and build relationships, both socially and professionally. But the eye area can often be a billboard for the signs of aging, as wrinkles and sun exposure take their toll. Here are three popular cosmetic treatments to help your peepers be as eye-catching as possible.

  1. BOTOX. Wrinkles frequently develop around the eyes, as the facial muscles near the eyes move when we want to express ourselves. Frown lines, crows feet, and bunny lines can show themselves in 'dynamic' wrinkles when we are feeling angry, smile, or squint. When kids express themselves, their skin springs back to a smooth state once their expression becomes neutral. But for older adults, these 'dynamic' wrinkles become 'static'--and remain visible all the time. BOTOX injectable uses botulinum toxin to temporarily immobilize the muscles that cause the skin to wrinkle, helping those 'crows feet' to fly away.
  2. LATISSE. Women young and old are always seeking new ways to enhance their beauty. There are a multitude of synthetic products designed to enhance one's eyelashes--mascara, false lashes, eyeliner--but with Latisse, a new prescription cosmetic treatment, you can grow your own, natural eyelashes longer and darker. When applied regularly to the base of the lash line, Latisse will extend the hair's natural growth cycle, helping your lashes to grow longer than ever before. What a fabulous way to frame the windows to your soul!
  3. JUVEDERM. As we age, under eye hollowness becomes an issue for many of us. It develops as the amount of fat in facial areas is reduced during the aging process. But dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane can be used to help reduce the appearance of hollowness in the tear trough and under the eyes. When carefully injected under the skin, the dermal filler gently lifts and fills the targeted area to give a fuller, more youthful appearance. These products can also be used to correct wrinkles and facial folds in other areas, like the nasolabial folds and lips.

For more information about these treatments, contact a skin care specialist in your area today. Put that twinkle back in your eyes when you gaze into the mirror. Learn more today!

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